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...I am because we are.




Mojabox, comes from the Kiswahili word Moja or “one”. I use the concept of oneness to express “I am because we are”. As an African American mother of two, an educator, a researcher, and an advocate who believes in affirmation, my vision in life has always focused on ways to affirm and educate diverse youth. 

I designed the Moja holistic profile, a battery of academic, communication, and learning assessments that provide data “at a glance” of who your child is as a learner. 

As a 3rd generation Washingtonian, and a product of Independent schools, I work with parents to identify educational spaces that best fit their child's unique needs- mind, body and spirit!  

With expertise in Independent, Public, Private and Charter schools, K-12, I match your child to highly curated educational spaces that will enrich your child in and outside of the classroom. I am an Associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).  Being an Associate member of IECA  ensures that you will work with a professional who has proven expertise, is vetted, and demonstrates the highest standards in education, training, ethics, and experience.  To qualify for membership in the Independent Educational Consultants Association, consultants must adhere to a code of ethics that serves to protect our clients.  Moja Consulting accepts no fees, commissions or remunerations from schools as a result of student placement. 

I work with a strong network of culturally responsive psychologists, reading and math specialists and practitioners ready to support your brilliant child! 

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Navigating Schools 101: A Guide for Parents of African American Children

Click here to pre-order Navigating Schools 101: A Guide for Parents of African American Children


Testimony ~ M. Boyd, Personal Concierge to an LA client-- April '18


" I was referred to Dr. Frederick by the head of an organization that assists black students with applying to and attending independent schools. What a wonderful asset she has been! She helped my clients and me with educational tests and assessments and forwarded us thorough reports that recommended the best schools for each individual child’s learning style. These also contained background information on the schools as well as anticipated tuition and contact details. Her services certainly helped us wade through what can be a confusing process. I cannot thank her enough for her guidance and highly recommend Moja  to anyone in the process of applying to private schools"  

Testimony ~ M. Utsey- Parent & Founder of the Sankofa Homeschooling Collective Sept '18


" Every child has a unique learning style and having a learning profile that equips parents to accentuate the gifts and fortify the weaknesses is a blessing. We hear so much of what is wrong, but rarely what is right. Having my child go through this process has been empowering for me and a blessing for him. I highly recommend Moja" 

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